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Bistro at canyons village

Bistro Fusion dining and Shabbos meals at the Bistro, located in the Silverado Lodge at Park City’s Canyons Base Area.

We are open for our 9th consecutive ski season - come join us!

We are open from Sunday through Thursday, 4:00pm - 9:00pm  Dinner 

Reservations are recommended 

Under New Management 2023/2024 Season 
Be sure to check out our new menu
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The Bistro offers elegant meals most Shabbossim during the ski season at the restaurant. We d0 not offer any Shabbos takeout. 

Prepaid reservations are required. 

The Shul

Attend orthodox synagogue services in the Shul adjacent to the Bistro — offering Shabbos services conducted every Friday and Saturday and additional services during the week — all within walking distance of all Canyons Village properties.

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